I love playing Tennis and running. I always wore my Asics Gel-Resolution 7 during Tennis or running sessions. It already accumulated hundreds of hours of usage and it is still looking pretty tough. My shoes are very reliable and it is so comfortable. Sure, it has lots of wear and tear and I can probably replace it but I won’t!

The Asics is my fave shoes ever! I will just need to repair to avoid looking bad. It has tears and some holes in it but I think I can DIY fix it.

I had a hard time choosing a glue to repair it. I read a lot of forums, Reddit and other social media to find what’s the best glue to fix it. Luckily, I found the Shoe Goo! They said it is one of the most popular glues in the market today. But of course, I didn’t know that before!


In fact, it’s one of the best glue for shoes according to Defendyoushoes.com. That website is the one who actually helped me to choose the Shoe Goo among others.

The Shoe Goo is very cheap, it only cost me $6 on Amazon. So, I ordered one right away and waiting for it to be shipped! Thankfully, I have confidence now to repair my broken favorite shoes. 3 days later, it arrived on my doorsteps! I quickly opened it, read the instructions and tried to repair my shoes.

After applying a small amount of it in every tear and hole, I let it dry and leave the house to attend some meeting. After approximately 4 hours, I checked my shoes and yes, ShoeGoo fixed my shoes! Yeahhhh!! I can’t wait to use it again but I’m gonna use it lightly for a while. I still need to observe if the holes will be back again.

Luckily, during my very light Tennis session (light running and playing for half an hour) the glue holds the tears/holes together and I didn’t notice any damages.

But the test is not yet finished, I need to test my shoes while playing Tennis and running. I will not go easy this time and will play a single match with my friend.

So what’s the result? After playing for more than an hour, the repaired parts are still intact. So I can say that Shoe Goo is definitely durable and reliable glue.

So that’s it, choosing the Shoe Goo is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you have broken shoes and do not want to pay for a professional service, then the Shoe Goo is the way to go. Applying it is fast and easy, plus, it is very affordable. It’s widely available and you can also find it on eBay or Amazon. Buy it and I am sure that you will not regret choosing it.